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Episode Titleyyyy-mm-dd
s7e1The Androids Appear2000-09-14more info
s7e2A Handy Trick2000-09-15more info
s7e3Double Trouble For Goku2000-09-18more info
s7e4Upgrade To Super Saiyan2000-11-08more info
s7e5The Secret Of Dr. Gero2000-09-20more info
s7e6More Androids2000-09-21more info
s7e7Follow Dr. Gero2000-09-22more info
s7e8Nightmare Comes True2000-09-25more info
s7e9Goku's Assassin2000-09-26more info
s7e10Deadly Beauty2000-09-27more info
s7e11No Match For The Androids2000-09-28more info
s7e12Last Ditch Effort2000-09-29more info
s7e13Closing In2000-10-02more info
s7e14Unwelcome Discovery2000-10-03more info
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